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How does Bazzlo Work?

All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection to make full use of the opportunities provided by Bazzlo. It is done in 4 simple steps:

Sign Up: Get started by going to the play store and downloading the Bazzlo app. You can create a free account by sharing a few basic details about yourself. The app is available both on Android and iPhone.

Choose a template: There are modern and classic template versions on Bazzlo to help you build an impactful digital card. Do you need a personal card to further advance your career or simply acquaint yourself with mutuals? Opt for a Classic template version for a crisp and professional-looking template. Do you want to boost your brand awareness and promote your business? Choose from the Modern variety of templates that best match your brand identity and personality.

Create Card: You can create your Bazzlo card within 2 minutes. Do you want to create a persona card or a business card? The best part about Bazzlo is that you can do both. You can create as many cards as you want to fulfil your purposes. Add the necessary information such as your contact details, website, email address, social media handles, etc. Now you are all set to go.

Share your Bazzlo virtual card with anyone and everyone: One of the highlight features of Bazzlo is that it is a one-way share app. You can share your digital card with anybody and everybody without any technical restrictions. Your recipient need not have Bazzlo's app to receive your information. You can share your digital business card with a single person or a group of people with just a single tap.