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What Bazzlo Virtual Card Offers?

Bazzlo Virtual Card Offers Several Exciting Features

Stores Unlimited Information: The Bazzlo virtual card effectively replaces the paper business card and offers more benefits. Due to space constraints, you could probably include only your name, contact number, or address on your paper business card. But with Bazzlo, you can store all the information you want in one place. It not only acts as the first step in exchanging information but provides many avenues to engage the attention of your target group. You can include your website, email address, socials, documents, and so much more on Bazzlo. The person you connect with can leisurely browse through this information and utilize what they need. It helps cast a favourable first impression and can boost your credibility immensely. Interested people will connect with you, and people who are not will move on – helping you conserve your time and energy and get genuine leads.

Regulates the extent of information shared: You can share as much or as little as you'd like with Bazzlo. Its impressive feature decides how much information you want to share with your new connection. It can just be your email address or your phone number at first. But if you want to go a step ahead, you can even share your address, documents, or social networking links through Bazzlo. The best part is that not everyone has access to this information, and you can choose whom you want to share it with. This ensures privacy and reduces the chances of your information being misused. Bazzlo also allows you to switch to public and private modes.

Online Store And Digital Persona In One Place

Offers several templates to choose from: Just because Bazzlo is a virtual card does not mean it can't be creative. On the contrary, Bazzlo empowers your professional and personal journey by acting as your personality. It offers several templates and designs you can choose from to build your digital persona. Whether you want your digital persona to look professional or fun and easy-going, Bazzlo provides several templates for you to decide from. Everything from the colour of your virtual card to its font can be customized according to your likes and preferences.

Let's you create several cards: There is no limit on how many cards you can create on Bazzlo. You can create several digital business cards for different purposes – one for your personal identity, one for your professional identity, one for your business, etc. You can also customize the contact information you want to share on each card. For example, you may want to include only your email ID and website on your professional digital card, and you may want to include your phone number and address on your card. Then, if your app gets deleted or you lose your data, you can rest assured that your Bazzlo virtual card is still in existence.

Offers Real-time Analytics: Bazzlo offers real-time insight on how many views your card has made. For example, you can see how many likes your pictures are getting on your social media; similarly, you can see the views on your card among your contacts. This helps you understand how well your digital business card is being received. If you need to make changes to the existing card – like update your contact information or add something new, you can simply go to the app's dashboard and update your card. You need not reprint your card.