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What is Bazzlo?

Bazzlo is a platform that offers business cards, a smart search engine and virtual stores for small, medium, and large businesses.

Do You Have Personal and Professional Business Cards?

Do you make sure to stuff a deck of business cards in your wallet every time you go out? When you are in a social setting, it is quite common for people to hand out their business or personal cards while introducing themselves or their businesses. Whether you want to advance your career or create awareness for your business, a business card is a great conversation starter. Paper business cards have been the norm until now and are easy to distribute when networking in a social environment. But in reality, they are outdated and difficult to manage. You have to carry a stack of business cards with you so that you don't risk running out of them. When you give someone a business card – you don't know if it will bring you leads or be discarded without a second thought. Some end up gathering dust on the shelf, and some in the trash can. And on the rare occasion that they want to reach out to you to connect, they can't seem to recollect where they have stored your card. This is where Bazzlo comes into the picture.

Say Hello to the Bazzlo Virtual Card

Why should business cards be any different in this digital age where everything is just a tap away on your mobile? Bazzlo is a digital persona sharing platform that enables you to connect with anybody instantly digitally. As a result, you no longer have to worry about carrying enough tangible business cards. With Bazzlo, you can introduce yourself using a virtual business card. Whether it is a business conference, a networking event or simply a social soiree, Bazzlo is with you everywhere you go.